Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Upcoming Games I'm Waiting to play

Dark Souls 2 looks to be more punishing than the first 
So now that 2014 is finally here it is only a couple months that there are some games that are coming out: Dark Souls 2, Fable Anniversary and Dragon Age: Inquisition. The first game that really pulls me in is Dark Souls 2. I got into Dark Souls when I friend introduced me into it in May 2012 and ever since this has been one of my favorite games of all time. With Dark Souls 2 coming out in March and a new director leading the game I have been cautious and patient now it is almost here and the all the new gameplay features have actually interested me and work well in the game. The second game that is coming out is Fable: Anniversary. Fable Anniversary is the remake of the first fable game and includes several new additions that were not in the original Fable because of technology limits at the time. I got into the Fable series when I got my first Xbox 360 and Fable 2 was one of my first games for that console. I am really looking forward to this remake of Fable 1 because it was the best in the series and the sequel being the second best for me. Fable Anniversary comes out on February 4.
A comparison of the original Fable and the
remake version
The last game that I'm excited for is Dragon Age: Inquisition. While I'm a bit wary of this game because of the god awful Dragon Age 2 the story looks better and they said that they weren't going to repeat the mistakes they made in Dragon Age 2. I got into Dragon Age years ago and I loved the first one it not only had a fantastic story but the combat was pretty good and tactical and unique and interesting characters. I'm hoping that the new Dragon Age will recapture the essence of the first game and add in new things without the bad story telling and recycled locations they used in DA2. These three games are the ones that are on my radar and I'm going to keep up on info and learn of changes or development issues.
The game itself looks gorgeous, but will it
stack up to the first?

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